Related Resources

The resources listed below are not reciprocal links, but have been listed because they list some of the finest resources the Web has to offer. I encourage you to visit these resources as often as possible, for the information, advice, tips and hints contained within them are great assets to any aspiring webmaster.

  • Matt Cutts’ Blog

    The online weblog of Google engineer Matt Cutts. Matt uses his blog to give advice and receive feedback on the Google engine in an even-handed and extremely patient manner.

    Topics covered include: building websites that conform to the Google guidelines; search quality and web spam; features users would like to see Google implement; the quality of Google communication and its company image; and any future updates that may occur to the engine.

  • Bruce Clay’s Website Ranking Tools (from

    A series of tools webmasters can use to determine how well (or poorly) their websites are optimized. In particular, I highly recommend running his Keyword Density Analyzer. It’s a great tool that has served me well over the years.

  • Human Edited Directory (HEDir)

    HEDir is a fairly new directory with a unique concept; anyone can submit a site, and anyone can review a site. In fact, sites are generally only accepted after 10 or more positive reviews, assuming the original submitter has reviewed 10 other users’ websites. This directory has the potential to be a serious threat to DMOZ if it continues to grow and improve as the site owners have indicated.

  • CSS Layout Techniques

    An excellent website full of great CSS layouts and similar resources, and one of the two major inspirations for this website. It was the code snippet that I found on this website that started me on the path to creating my own spinoff website. So, to Eric Costello, I say kudos and thank you.

  • ihelpyou forums

    For those of you who wish to learn more about search engine optimization and web design-related topics and do so while upholding high ethical standards, this is the forum board for you. SpammersÂ…beware!

  • CSS Zen Garden

    The CSS Zen Garden is a CSS designer’s showcase, where designers can submit their cross-browser compatible CSS layouts to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Cascading Style Sheets. Thanks to for suggesting this as a resource.

  • YourHTMLSource.Com CSS Introduction Tutorial

    Ross Shannon does an excellent job of explaining the basics of Cascading Style Sheets in such a way as to allow the CSS newcomer to grasp the concepts. If you’ve never tried using CSS before, I would highly recommend visiting this site and learning from it before implementing the layouts on

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