Alternative Webmaster Suggestions and Their Associated Issues

“Google should index pages because they’re there.”

There are a number of scenarios that would occur that would render indexing on the sole basis of presence an untenable solution:

  1. Pages under construction.
  2. Search-engine-specific doorway/landing pages.
  3. Pages containing original content of a copyrighted nature, content which the site owner does not desire to have indexed.
  4. Sites built for offline marketing purposes exclusively.
  5. Pages containing scraped and/or duplicate content for search engine manipulation purposes.

Profiling of Pages to Determine Unethical Manipulation

The problem with page profiling is that it is reasonably easy for webmasters to tweak their various pages, experiment, and come up with a seemingly limitless number of ways in which pages could be made to manipulate search engines in an unethical fashion. Keyword stuffing, scraped sites, duplicate content, and other such on-the-page factors are simply too easy to adjust.

Page profiling could be used to determine which pages shouldn’t be indexed, but not necessarily to determine which ones should be included (as the permission-based indexing solution will outline).

Using the Google Toolbar and Tracking User Behaviour

The savvy webmaster and search engine optimization specialist will be able to manipulate Google Toolbar data to suit his/her own needs quite easily. Many people use the Internet with machines that contain backdoors, open ports and various other security issues that would allow an unethical search engine optimization specialist to perform such a task (among other much more insidious things).

Security-Related Aside

For those of you running a Windows-based PC, I highly recommend that you visit Gibson Research Corporation. The Gibson website has a number of free tips, tools and tricks designed to help you make your PC more secure and protect it from unwanted intrusions. In particular, the ShieldsUP! tool comes with a strong recommendation from the author of this article.

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