Public SEO Experiment – Do Individual Outbound Links Carry More Weight Than Individual Inbound Links?

In posting my Redneck SEO page, I recently made the discovery than, when I gave a site an outbound link using uncommon anchor text phrases (e.g. “validated codin'”, “direckries”), I noticed some rather unusual behaviour:

  1. The Redneck SEO page outranked the pages being linked to using said anchor text phrases when a search was performed using the Google engine. Two of the pages being linked to were The W3 Consortium, and DMOZ, pages which have a significant number of inbound links and therefore could be considered “authority sites”.
  2. MSN and Yahoo! did not return results for W3 and DMOZ for the phrase “validated codin'”, but MSN did return results for the word “direckries” for both DMOZ and Human Edited Directory. Both of these sites do not use the word “direckries” on the pages being linked to,a although a possible explanation can be found in that both sites are directory websites and “direckries” is a misspelling of “directories”.

Results for the phrase “validated codin'”:

Results for the word “direckries”:

When I posted my findings in this WebProWorld thread, it was proposed to me by Cranky Dave over at Chainz Online to set up an experiment whereby I link one page to another page using a unique phrase as both outbound text on the first page and regular text on the second to see what sort of effect it would have.

In order to shed some light on the subject, I will do so using a WebProWorld thread.

The phrase is below. I will leave this page intact for a week, and then post the results as they are made available.

gorf eht mitrek

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