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SEO-Friendly Standards-Compliant Layouts

Welcome, and thank you very much for visiting Search Engine Friendly Layouts!

The Search Engine Friendly Layouts website has been created for both the webmaster and the search engine optimization specialist as a means of presenting cross-browser compatible, standards-compliant layouts with clean and functional markup in such a way as to show the content area first.

SEO Advantages

  • Since the content layer is the first layer, the keywords contained within it will be featured in the most prominent manner possible, as opposed to assigning prominence to menus and other areas of a site.
  • Prominence can also be assigned to other elements, simply by adjusting the order of the code within them. For example, if a menu contained certain keywords and phrases which an SEO wanted to prominently feature, the menu code could be placed above a footer and/or header.

CSS Advantages

  • Since the web designs are tableless and based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the webmaster will be able to alter the order of the elements in any form or fashion he/she sees fit. By default, the content is presented first in each layout; however, the order of the code within the layout can be rearranged as the webmaster and/or SEO specialist sees fit.
  • Since the content layer is presented first, the user will be able to peruse the individual pages of a website with minimal delay, while the other major sites (as determined by the CSS order) can load around the content layer itself.
  • The order in which other elements are loaded can still be controlled for the maximum user benefit. For example, a menu could be placed as the second major element to ensure that the menu is loaded as quickly as possible, and thereby make it easy for the user to navigate.

CSS and SEO Advantages

  • Page load time is minimized and ensures that users and search engine spiders can view content as quickly as possble.
  • Decreased likelihood of web design errors leads to increased user satisfaction, as well as an increased likelihood that a search engine spider will correctly index page content.

Free Templates

These layouts have all been created by me, Adam Senour, and I give them to you at no cost whatsoever. In exchange, all I ask is that you either provide a link to this site in your source or comments, or tell others about this resource so that all may benefit.

2-Column Layouts

Two-column layouts can be found in the 2-Column Layouts page.

3-Column Layouts

Three-column layouts (like this site) can be found in the 3-Column Layouts page.

Fixed-Width Layouts

For those of you who like to ensure that the layout is a fixed width, visit the Fixed-Width Layouts page.

Liquid Layouts

For those of you who like to ensure that the layout depends on the size of the user’s screen resolution, visit the Liquid Layouts page.

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